How do I get 4000 hours of watch-time on YouTube?

capabilities on your channel has gotten a lot of flak. However, when you look at the stats, it's just a minor step on the way to making a life on the platform.

It's still the first major milestone that most new YouTube content creators will see. So, how do you effectively reach 4,000 YouTube viewing hours? What can you do to start a new YouTube career?

If you're serious about reaching the 4,000-hour milestone with your present audience, here's a list of various sheet-style tactics to boost your YouTube watch time as much as possible.

1. Produce podcasts lasting 20 to 60 minutes

Start your own podcast if you're interested. This will not only help you to extract as much viewing time out of each viewer as possible, but it will also allow you to upload films with less editing effort. You can start recording, finish your podcast, and then share the raw video.

2. Live Streaming

It's another way to build up viewing time and it counts toward your 4,000 hours. Live streaming doesn't require any editing. To calculate your average viewing time, divide your average viewers by the length of your stream. As a result, a single 4-hour stream with 50 typical viewers equals nearly 200 hours of viewing time.

3. Increase the length of your normal video

Longer videos are becoming more common on YouTube, so don't be afraid to publish videos that are 10 minutes or longer, and try to avoid posting shorter videos if at all possible.

All of these approaches are effective in increasing watch time, but instead of focusing on the 4,000-hour barrier, consider setting larger objectives. If you work hard and put in the time, that number will undoubtedly be surpassed, and higher milestones will swiftly replace it as your goal.

To compress this into simply digestible knowledge that you can take with you, I recommend the following:

  • Invest a lot of time and money in your niche. Read everything there is to know about it on the internet.
  • Create a video to cover a trending issue as soon as you notice it.
  • Be quick, focus on light editing, and get your work out there as quickly as possible.
  • You'll get a lot of views, and your future upload will be suggested to these people.
  • The following step is critical: Produce the highest-quality information you can. Make it intriguing and engaging, and make a good thumbnail.
  • Each time a new trending subject emerges, repeat the process.

4. The easiest way is to use YouTube Auto Click Bot (TubeAssistPro)
The TubeAssistPro will auto play your videos every day and night, and you will get the original watch time. The bot will not just using one account to play the video, and it will using 20-50 accounts at the same time which will play your video at the same time.

The play time can be set by yourself, to let the bot play 1-2 mins, and then skip to the next video, and so on.

All in all, TubeAssistPro is a very powerful bot, which will run like a real human.